Welcome to Shree vishwamukta yog Ayurveda and panchkarma clinic (The culture of care)


     Dr. Pallavi shinde is the director & chief consultant of Shree Vishwamukta Yog Ayurved & Panchakarma clinic. Have gained 13 years of professional experience in the field of Ayurveda panchakarma & yoga.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner,Ayurvedic Heath Educator

    Dr. Pallavi is an expert in treating the so-called incurable diseases. She is also the pioneer in applying modern technology to the ancient science of Ayurveda, having set up the Ayurvedic in 2011 that provides solutions to     many health related problems.

    She always use ayurvedic Proprietary formulation for many chronic health diseases & many products for Skin Diseases & beauty products. She is a hardcore Researcher, Practitioner, Promoter of Ayurveda.


Work in Trust’s / NGO's

    Dr.Pallavi provides free consultations to the various trusts & NGO’s and to poor patient’s medicines has also been provided

    Samarpan seva trust, Pune India


    Nadi-pariksha (pulse examination) is the best & most important diagnostic key of Ayurveda which Dr. Pallavi learn from my guruji (Ayurvedacharya Sameer Jamdagni) day by day with practice & seeing lots of patient.

    Dr. Pallavi is expert in nadi-pariksha diagnosis part.

    Our clinic conducts lots of disease special camp for children’s, women’s, & senior citizens.

Why Ayurveda & Why me?

    The meaning of ayurveda is ayu means life and veda means knowledge the knowledge of life is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a live science & science of life. When we are on this earth the motive of each of us should be the     salvation (i.e. moksha) to the life through the life. The goal of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of the healthy & to cure the disease of a ill. Ayurveda treats the person not the symptoms with finding the root of a     disease.

    I am specially treated persons of chronic illness with Nadi Pariksha(i.e. pulse examination) oral herbal medication, Panchakarma, & Yoga.